Brides of Limerick post shoot. two of the images.


As I previously wrote I did a shoot for a new magazine called “Brides of Limerick”, this will be released in the coming months.Well now I can show you one or two of the images that have been released by them via facebook, so this frees them up for me to finally show them to “you”

Image 1

3 brides together, vintage This one I considered to be a “B” shot at the time, but it came out quiet well. I gave it a light touch up in Lightroom, including a slight crop and gave it a vintage look, which I felt works very well!.

Shutter= 1/125

Iso= 250

Lens= Canon FD 28mm 2.8

Camera= Lumix GH2

Image 2

This one I did quiet like, we had a slight break in the rain at this point so the image is very clear and free of and spots that rain would cause, it didn’t need too much work, a little touch up in Lightroom and applied a preset called “grandma’s Lemonade”, which I adjusted accordingly, as the original look of that was a little too dark for my liking.

Shutter= 1/200

Iso= 160

Lens= Canon FD 50mm 1.8

Camera= Lumix GH2


Brides retro

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