The iPhone 5’s camera can be a powerful tool when on the go.

Hello one and all, happy 4th of July to any Americans reading this!..The day Will smith saved us all in 1996!!..

Today I bring to you some photos I took on my iPhone recently while out and about in Millstreet Co.Cok, I hadn’t brought my camera with me as I hadn’t intended on taking pictures. This is where the iPhone 5’s 8 megapixel camera comes in handy, it may not be the highest rated phone camera on the market at the moment, but it still produces some great results when on the go.   el-iphone-5

Normally I use Adobe Lightroom with a bit of photoshop for all my editing but on this occasion I’m using iPhoto to process these, so they only have some basic touching up. I’ve also included a picture I took at a open air concert I was helping out at recently, Certainly an interesting way to carry a dog to say the least.:)



The iPhone images I took while out and abut.:).

Copyright Timtim Media.

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