About me


My name is Timmy Keane, born and bred in Cork, and now, I apply my trade in Dublin. I am a professional Image editor and photographer, have been full time in Stock and Sports, along with freelance wedding editing and shooting.

I can’t describe how much I love framing, shooting, editing and re-living photos, especially, Wedding Day and landscape imagery. I find myself pictures of anything and everything, everyday is a school day a they say and the move variety one shoots the more one learns. when I’m walking around I am always on the lookout for opportunities to get the camera out.

With regards to wedding photography, there isn’t anything as authentic as some of what one can capture throughout a Wedding Day. As a photographer on a Wedding Day I do tend to try stay out of the way as much as possible, but I’m always happy to help with anything that might just help relieve the stress!. My shooting style is unobtrusive, candid and natural, with just a few “hold that there” thrown in minimally. As much as I want to create the most memorable set of images for you, I also want them to look effortless, on your part.

It is a great privilege to be chosen to be chosen by a couple to be a part of their day, so from the time of booking I am part of day, giving any advice that’s needed, some might say I’m almost like another wedding planner, aiming to deliver a 5 star service all round.


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