Back to Cape Town


Here’s a quick gallery of images from my last trip to Cape Town in November:


Heading into the world of fitness

Hello all,

It’s been quiet some time since I’ve posted. I’ve been working full time with a Media company so my freelance work went on the back burner for quiet some time, in recent weeks I’ve started getting back into the swing of things again.

So a few weeks ago i did a shoot for the guys at Born 2 transform, where they help you achieve your fitness goals, they have first hand experience as they’ve both transformed themselves. Be sure to check out their Facebook page:

Here’s are a few examples of the shots we did on the day. Any feedback is appreciated be it good, bad or constructive:

As I am leaving for Cape Town tomorrow with work for a while I won’t be doing any work for a few weeks but I will be sure to take loads of pictures over there. Following this post I will post images from my last trip there. Once I come back I have two very interesting and different shoots planned so keep an eye out. 🙂

The iPhone 5’s camera can be a powerful tool when on the go.

Hello one and all, happy 4th of July to any Americans reading this!..The day Will smith saved us all in 1996!!..

Today I bring to you some photos I took on my iPhone recently while out and about in Millstreet Co.Cok, I hadn’t brought my camera with me as I hadn’t intended on taking pictures. This is where the iPhone 5’s 8 megapixel camera comes in handy, it may not be the highest rated phone camera on the market at the moment, but it still produces some great results when on the go.   el-iphone-5

Normally I use Adobe Lightroom with a bit of photoshop for all my editing but on this occasion I’m using iPhoto to process these, so they only have some basic touching up. I’ve also included a picture I took at a open air concert I was helping out at recently, Certainly an interesting way to carry a dog to say the least.:)



The iPhone images I took while out and abut.:).

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The Algarve, Portugal

I was in the Algarve a wee bit ago, didn’t take too many pictures even tho I brought my camera with me, decided to just take in the sun and my surroundings on this occasion. I did take a few that I really like and hopefully you’ll agree.

There’s one in particular that I really like, you will see it below. We went to a dolphin show in a theme/zoo park called Zoomarine and this was the perfect setting to grab some great shots, there’s also some cool ones from a birds of prey show.:). If you like, be sure to subscribe.

Thanking you,


Portugal-90 Portugal-77 Portugal-76 Portugal-67 Portugal-57 Portugal-49 Portugal-48 Portugal-43 Portugal-39 Portugal-38 Portugal-37 Portugal-35 Portugal-34 Portugal-23 Portugal-22 Portugal-21 Portugal-20

Harbour View, Killbrittian, Co.Cork

Hello one and all,

As the weather has been getting better of late the camera gets much more use outside of work. Recently I was in Killbrittian Co.Cork, it was a glorious day in April where I was able to capture some truly beautiful shots, don’t let the clear blue skies trick you, it was still freezing at the beach!.There’s also one or two from the woods nearby. Ireland really is beautiful when the sun comes out!.

Welcome to 2014 + Paris trip pictures

Hello and happy new year everyone,

I hope ye all have a great 2014!!..Hard to believe a year has passed since I set up the website. On that note from now on I will be actively posting images from my adventures/jobs here, which will be continued on my facebook and twitter pages also.

So my first post of 2014 will be a few images from my trip to Paris two weeks ago!. Was there for just a weekend with my girlfriend for her birthday, but I still managed to snap away a good few shots on our adventures over the two days. See below just a couple from the trip.:).